Church Planting

Why Church Planting?

Our hearts break for the people in the Circle of Silence who will die without the opportunity to say ‘yes’ to Jesus! Consider these facts:

  • 23 million children, women and men in Central Mexico have no relationship with Christ. 
  • The culture mixes animism and the occult with the surface coating of Catholic belief. 
  • There are few evangelical churches, and only one in 10 Mexican church leaders have any Bible training. 
  • What few Christians exist live in poverty and face persecution and cannot sustain a church planting effort on their own. 


Most of the 115 districts of the Circle of Silence are considered rural and many areas containing between 2,500 and 90,000 people have no evangelical Christian church.


Why can’t native Christians plant churches by themselves?

They have zeal but little education, let alone Bible training. Jesus’s disciples lived with him for three years. Aspiring church planters need mentoring and training.

Many believers live in poverty-stricken rural areas without resources, communications, and transportation.

We provide training and encouragement for local leaders to plant Christ-centred churches in rural areas.

Our goal is to see this area of Mexico transformed from a Circle of Silence to a Circle of Proclamation of the transforming power of Jesus Christ.


So, what is the solution?

Collaboratively train local leaders and assist them in planting Christ-centred local churches.