How we plan to reach “The Circle of Silence”

What is the “Circle of Silence”?

The Circle of Silence is an area of about 99,460 square miles in Central Mexico, with a total population of more than 23 million people and almost no gospel witness. The primarily rural mountainous area contains 115 towns and villages of 2,500 to 90,000 people each, which have few or no single evangelical Christian church. This comprises the highest concentration of unreached people in Spanish-speaking Latin America. Locals tend to syncretize animistic practices with the rituals of Roman Catholicism and have no experience or understanding of salvation. Fewer than one in 100 people knows Jesus.

Prédica Vida – Full-scale training

As soon as we return to Mexico, we plan to establish a two-year training course called Prédica Vida (Preach Life). We expect to recruit eager trainees from the existing evangelical churches in the area.

Some may also come from Buenas Neuvas, a missions society in Mexico. Some of their workers have already expressed interest. We also communicate with many churches throughout Mexico, a theological college, and a mission school, so some may come from these. We plan to promote the program in conferences and when we are invited to speak in churches. Although we should have plenty of candidates, our focus will be to train the few, who will in turn be able to train many more.

We believe the training we give will strengthen existing pastors in faithful Bible teaching and prepare others to be church planters in this vastly unreached area. We plan to run a full-scale one-year residential program with three-terms.

The first six months will focus on Biblical exegesis, exposition and application, while the next three months will emphasize church planting strategies and methods.

Resident students will take classes two days a week and apply their training in local churches the remaining three days.

We also plan to offer a two-year program for non-residents on Saturdays who will apply their learning in their churches.

Where will we conduct such training? God has already answered our prayer.

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God provides a facility

About 10 years ago, God transformed the life of a Mexican Tequila Factory owner names C. He used to have a ranch where he and his associates held wild parties with ladies of the night and sold famous Tequila. Upon becoming a Christian, he renounced all activity associated with his past life. He paid off his business associates, closed down the Tequila factory, and began to focus on a more ethical business. We met C six years ago through a missionary friend who suggested we might be able to use the old ranch for gospel related activities.

We have since used the ranch several times in the last six years for retreats, respite, and Bible conferences focused on training the trainers. Then in 2019, we began to think about developing a training centre after we completed the Cornhill Training Course here in the U.K. Someone suggested, "Why don’t you ask C? He might be interested in your vision."

So, in early 2019 we shared our vision with C. He said he was willing to let us use the ranch to train the trainers, but first, we needed to draw up a clear, functional plan of how we intended to use it. He joined the team to help us plan and advised us on the best way to take care of the business side of operating the ranch. He has agreed to cover the operational costs for the first five years. During that time we will work to make the ranch self-sustaining.

After that, we consulted Christian Camping International and held productive meetings with them. They agreed to provide resources and practical help when it came time to begin. They also introduced us to other Christian Camps in Mexico with a similar vision to ours. These have been helpful and supportive in the whole process.

We continue to discuss with the team and pray for the effective implementation of this plan.

Our goals and expectations

In addition to the Prédica Vida training, we also plan to conduct three-day workshops and two-week pastor seminars in various churches to upgrade the quality of ministry of local leaders. Like the non-resident training, these sessions will include biblical exegetical and expository training in the mornings and preaching practice and application in the afternoons.

Through these efforts, we expect to see our local preachers become more effective in preaching the word and in training others in their midst to become effective Bible teachers and church-planters.

We have the vision of training church leaders and Bible teachers on how to faithfully teach the Scriptures. We hope this will enable them to teach others the same skills. (2 Tim. 2:2.)

Through this biblical teaching, preaching and training, we hope to see the Circle of Silence transformed into a Circle of Proclamation.